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Facing legal matters involved with tax law can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Tax law simply relates to the areas involving state and federal taxes. Whether you are facing tax debt, you are interested in being relived of your debt, or you have other important legal matters involving tax law, it is important to speak with an experienced Stillwater attorney as soon as possible.

At Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc., we have dealt with countless tax law cases and we are determined to put the 90 years of collective experience of our attorneys to use. Below we have provided the answers to frequently asked questions so that you can become more familiar with tax law and get a better understanding of it.

Common Tax Law Questions

How can I be relieved of my tax debt in Oklahoma?

If you owe a lot of money in taxes and you are not sure about how you are going to be able to pay off your tax debt, look no further. Our experienced team of representatives in Kingfisher can analyze your situation and help you create an effective plan of action to pay off your overwhelming amount of debt. Two possibilities that may help include an "offer in compromise" and an "installment agreement."

What if I am unable to file my tax return before the due date?

You can file for an extension and try to extend the amount of time you need to turn in your tax return. It is important to understand, however, that an extension does not mean that you get more time to pay off your taxes. In Oklahoma, you are required to pay at least 90% of your taxes before an extension can be approved.

When are my taxes due?

April 15th is the date that federal and Oklahoma state taxes are typically due. There are a few exceptions.

Can I electronically file my tax return?

Yes, Oklahoma allows you to electronically file your tax return. This gives you an automatic five-day extension from the original date of April 15 th, which means that your electronic tax return is due on April 20 th. You must pay off your taxes electronically by April 20 th if you decide to go this route. Failure to pay off your taxes electronically means that penalties and interest will start building up.

What if I am not able to pay off the tax return?

If you are unable to pay off the amount of money that you owe, it is important to pay off as much as you can by the due date. You will then be responsible for paying off the remainder as well as the amount of interest and penalties involved. There will be six payments that you must pay off, all within 45 days of each other.

How do I know if I am a resident of Oklahoma?

If your permanent residency has been identified within Oklahoma for the last year, you are considered an Oklahoma resident. The term is known as "domicile," in which your home has been the one that you've continuously returned to within the last year.

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