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Avoiding Probate in Oklahoma

Counsel from a Kingfisher, Stillwater & Watonga Probate Attorney

Once a person passes away in Oklahoma, their estate is then distributed through the court-procedure of probate. This means that their home, money, vehicle, jewelry, stocks and everything else that belongs to them is compiled together, passed through probate and transferred to the people that are supposed to inherit them. This whole process is a public affair and can be extremely expensive, lengthy and overwhelming.

If you wish to avoid probate and save your family the hassles involved, now is the time to speak with an experienced Kingfisher lawyer. The legal team at Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc. is determined to utilize their 150 years of collective experience to help you reach the results that are in your best interests.

Establishing a Living Trust to Avoid Probate

A living trust is an essential tool when it comes to avoiding probate in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. As explained in the name, a living trust is created when you are living as compared to a trust that is created throughout the terms of your last will and testament when you pass away. This type of trust is used to keep your assets safe until they are passed down to your loved ones. When you pass away, the distribution of your estate is a private event, as compared to the public procedure of probate.

The multiple benefits of creating a living trust include:

  • Avoiding probate;
  • Keeping the distribution of your estate a private affair;
  • Saving your family from the stress and hassles involved;
  • Avoiding probate fees that are placed on your estate;
  • Getting rid of the court's involvement; and
  • Taking less time than probate to distribute the estate.

Although you may no longer be around, establishing a living trust is an extremely beneficial tool that can be used to protect your family. Planning ahead to avoid probate may be one of the most beneficial things you can do for them.

Protecting Your Assets in Kingfisher, Stillwater & Watonga, OK

There are various benefits that come with creating a living trust in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Not only can it protect your family from the expenses, stress and time involved, but it can help you feel more at ease in knowing that they will be taken care of. By discussing your individual needs with a Kingfisher attorney, you can learn more about your options and create a living trust that incorporates your specific needs.

Our legal team is dedicated to breaking down the legal terms involved and making sure that you have the necessary knowledge to make these important decisions for yourself. Do not hesitate to call Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc. to get started in the process of avoiding probate.