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If you are contemplating creating a trust to provide for your family during your lifetime, or after you have passed, and are seeking someone to administer your trust, the Kingfisher law firm of Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc. is uniquely qualified to fulfill the duties of trustee. With over 150 collective years of probate and estate planning, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the most professional ongoing trust administration available for your estate. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals in caring for their loved ones after they have passed.

Our trust attorneys can help you make the appropriate decisions when funding your trust with your assets and property, taking into account tax ramifications and avoiding the comingling of funds. We have acted as trustees for dozens of clients, and have been named successor trustees to trusts when the prior trustee resigned or was removed by the courts.

It is often most preferable to have a professional act as a trustee rather than a family member. The trustee being an autonomous outside professional can avoid duress and manipulation that beneficiaries often put on a family member trustee, which can be a common occurrence when family members are appointed as trustees. A great deal of strife and delay in distributing much needed financial support to your beneficiaries will ultimately be avoided if you select a professional who is not related to any beneficiaries.

Experienced Trustees for Trust Administration in Oklahoma

If you are seeking for a firm to handle your trust needs, contact us today for a free evaluation. Our lead attorneys, Ralph Harrison and Randy Mecklenburg are AV® rated attorneys by Martindale-Hubbell® and have gained the respect of both the legal community and our clients throughout their decades of service.

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