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Drafting your Power of Attorney

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At the Kingfisher law firm of Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc., we have over 150 years of collective experience managing the affairs of others in estate and probate law. As such, one of the most common documents we are asked to prepare for our clients are those called a power of attorney. The power of attorney is a way for you to name someone who has the legal authority to act on your behalf when you are unable due to incapacity or absence.

You can grant certain powers to the person you are authorizing to have your power of attorney to act, and you can limit what they can and cannot do for you. An expiration date can be stated or it can be valid until you cancel it at some later date or until you pass away.There is a great deal of flexibility allowable when drafting or creating your power of attorney. We have prepared simple POA's durable POA's, health care or business affairs POA's and what are known as springing POA's for our clients.

A POA is important to have when you are faced with a serious illness and you may be unable to conduct business for a period of time or you want someone to have the power to make medical decisions for you based on your instructions. Spouses often give each other a POA to conduct business on their behalf if they are away for a long period of time.

Power of Attorney: A Critical Document in an Estate Plan

Whatever reason you may have for needing a power of attorney, our lawyers will be glad to sit with you and discuss your needs. We offer a free evaluation and can determine what is best for your situation when it comes to granting another the legal authority to act on your behalf.

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